Biodegradable Nappies

A Greener Plastic Nappy!

Not only do most diapers have a plastic outer but they are also packaged in plastic. Not surprisingly, all this plastic adds up.

In an effort to tackle our growing waste problem, some plastic products are now being made so they break down more readily. But do these so-called ‘biodegradable’ plastics really give you a chance to outlive a breakfast cereal wrapper? Or is this just a clever spin aimed at grabbing your green dollar?

There are many other products in which biodegradable plastics are already being used, for example, grocery bags, bin liners, cling film, and sandwich bags.

Teresa Clark who is the VP of Product Development at ENSO Plastics, a US plastics manufacturer wrote: “biodegradable plastics are targeted at replacing those items you usually use once and throw in the rubbish bin” including nappies or the plastic that hold your breakfast oats.

So what does Biodegradable mean?

A product or something that can be broken down by a living microorganism like bacteria or fungi is considered biodegradable.

Teresa Clark further wrote:  The major issue with “compostable plastics” is that they don’t make compost. What’s that, you say? That’s right, compostable plastics don’t break down and convert into compost or result in the nutrient-rich soil as the process and name would lead one to believe. This aspect of compostable plastics is extremely misleading …..    Compostable plastics may “compost” (biodegrade by micro-organisms in an oxygen environment) if placed in the right composting environment, but they do not create compost (nutrient-rich soil).

The profit is an inherent result of providing value to the people, value to the planet. In a sustainable business, profit should never exceed the value, nor should it be less.

Perhaps the solution to the bottom line is simply creating a balance between the value you provide to people and planet, and the value you receive in return as profit?

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